Biển Hồ ( Grand Lake)

Bờ biển 100m, 2 hồ nước 3+ 5ha, suối, rừng tự nhiên. Mới làm hạ tầng, nhà hàng

The Grand Lake Resort Project

Beach Resort Property Development
in Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam
** Three Hour from Ho Chi Minh City **
Total Investment Capital – US$ 16 million
Land Use – 48 + hectares (and plus 60 hectares of forest)
Term of License – 49 years (can be extended 90 years longer)
Foreign Party Can Own the Project Completely

Grand Lake Resort
Development Company (GRL)
GLR has achieved the opportunity to promote this as the major land de-velopment offered as a joint-venture invested enterprise. Various products in the Master Plan may later be undertaken as a joint venture or not, as the lead investors will determine. But the Master Plan is offered as a joint-venturea invested pro-ject. Preliminary approvals to proceed, from both the Provincial authorities and the Ministry of Planning and Investment, pave the way to success.
This is a current, leading example of the willingness of the government of Vi-etnam to grow to meet the needs of foreign investors. Investors are encouraged to return to Vietnam, or come for a first look. Vietnam has a new and more open busi-ness environment than ever before.
Reasons to Invest. Investors with knowledge of the region are looking for traditionally strong reasons to invest. In land and property development, the three leading reasons have always been Location, Location and Location. However, other important considerations are:
1. Stability of government (politics and economics)
2. Reliability of workforce (education, experience, loyalty, trainability)
3. Costs of operations and services (sourcing material, availability of labor, taxes, wages)
4. Costs and ease of start-up
5. Incentives to start-up
All these considerations are met and exceeded at the Grand Lake Resort.


Price : 34,000,000,000
Property Type : -
Purpose : -
Status : -
Area : 500000 m2

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